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Sunita Center for Overall Wellbeing is a holistic abode of overall welfare of an individual. The center is built on the foundation of Principles of Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda caring for Mind, Body and Spirit.

Having been born and raised in the yogic tradition with a family that was filled with ayurvedic medical practitioners, I grew up imbibing and practising the great values of this tradition. My own life experiences and realizations helped me tailor and design a program called Sookshma yoga (ancient yogic secrets for youthful living and happiness).

Moving from a small town to a big Indian city, then from Asia to Africa, then from place to place in central Africa, and finally Africa to North America, Sookshmas have helped me to understand, adjust and adapt to my constantly changing living environment.

My father, my first guru, a gemologist, an agriculturist, a strict disciplinarian and a freedom fighter who strictly tried to follow Gandhis principles his whole life used to tell me, A teacher has to be knowledgeable, understanding and be able to see the potential in each unique student. Importantly, a teacher has to teach with compassion and love. By having taught students of all ages with varied fitness levels and from various backgrounds for the past twenty five years, I have come to understand the wisdom behind his words.

My professional philosophy is to motivate my students to live a healthy lifestyle and to impart every one of my students with an education of the highest quality that encourages them to incorporate the ancient yogic way of living into their lives. My aim is to try and enrich their life with the yogic tradition that I have greatly benefited from my whole life.

"I always believe that there is nothing superior to goodness ... kindly goodness."

Lots of love,